• You may register for these events when you register for the meeting.
  • Space is limited.
  • All events will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel unless otherwise specified.

Saturday, 19 November, 2016

Finding Your Scientific Voice                    FEE: $20 per person

09:00 – 12:00 or 13:30 – 16:30   DoubleTree Hotel, First Level, Alaska/Idaho Rooms

Sponsored by:  DFD and the APS Forum on Outreach and Engagement of the Public

You’ve spent years designing, carrying out, and wrapping up your research. Now it’s time to communicate your results to your peers and the broader community!  The Forum for Outreach and Engaging the Public (FOEP) will host workshops on improving communication skills of students and postdocs.  Each 3 hour workshop will focus on how to improve the 10 minute talks for the meeting as well as give participants instruction on how to communicate with the lay public about their work. Participants will use physical and vocal exercises as well improvisation to enhance their presentation skills.

  • Choose between the 9am – 12 noon or 1:30 – 4:30 pm session when you register

Sunday, 20 November, 2016

Young Investigator Workshop                 FEE: No Charge

13:35 – 14:35   DoubleTree Hotel,  First Level, Multnomah Room

Sponsored by: University of Washington    Signature_Stacked_Purple

Program directors from governmental agencies, e.g., NSF, AFOSR and ONR will lead a luncheon discussion on their funding awards programs for early career researchers. To attend this free workshop/lunch, attendees must be registered for the DFD meeting and be eligible for at least one of the awards. Space is limited and attendees are required to sign up in advance by completing the registration form online. Eligibility requirements and additional information on the CAREER Program and the Young Investigator Programs can be found at

http://tinyurl.com/NSF-CAREERhttp://tinyurl.com/AFOSR-YIP, and http://tinyurl.com/ONR-YIP.  Lunch will be served.

Fluids Education Workshop                     FEE: No Charge

13:35 – 14:35   DoubleTree Hotel, First Level, Oregon Room

Sponsored by: DFD Committee on Educational & Career Outreach

This is an opportunity for fluids educators to discuss topics of mutual interest. Participants will have the chance to both share their successful techniques and learn from others during small group discussion at the tables.  Lunch will be served.

All the Faces of Fluid Dynamics              FEE: No Charge

13:35 – 14:35   DoubleTree Hotel,  Second Level, Mt. St. Helens/Mt. Hood Rooms

Sponsored by: DFD Committee on Media and Science Relations

Four  faculty from diverse backgrounds will talk about their personal experiences as scientists in an increasingly diverse community.   Speakers will include Arezoo Ardekani (Purdue University), Maria-Isabel Carnasciali (New Haven University), David Santillan (UC San Diego).  The event will be emceed by David Hu (Georgia Tech), an alumnus from the DFD press relations committee.  We will have informal talks, a question and answer period, and time for mingling.  The audience will learn about how to recognize stereotypes and unconscious bias in their everyday lives, and how to react to them.  This workshop will help to give under-represented members of APS, especially students of various races, sexual orientation and religion, a safe place where their voice can be heard.   Lunch will be served for the first 50 attendees.

Music of Falling Paper

19:00 and 20:30  Convention Center,  Level 1,  Hall C Lobby

Art Event by Z. Jane Wang, Cornell University

APS/DFD Reception               FEE: One ticket included with registration.  Additional tickets are $100 each.

19:15 – 21:30 Convention Center, Level 1, Halls B, C, & D

Come visit with colleagues and interact with others in the field at the annual APS/DFD Reception. Always a highlight of the Meeting, the Reception is included in the registration fee for those who register as APS Members, Non-members, Graduate Students, and Retired Members.  Additional tickets may be purchased for $100 each at the On-site Registration Desk on Level 2, Holladay Lobby.

Monday, 21 November, 2016

Women in Fluids Networking Lunch                 FEE: $20 per person

13:10 – 14:10   DoubleTree Hotel, Second Level, 3 Sisters/Mt. Bachelor Rooms

Sponsored by:  The Division of Fluid Dynamics and the APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics

Networking lunch for female students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, and professionals.

Student Lunch                            FEE: No Charge

13:10 – 14:10    DoubleTree Hotel, First Level, Multnomah Room

Sponsored by:  College of Engineering     OSU College of Engineering

and College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University    OSU college of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Students attending the Meeting can register to participate in an informal discussion with an expert on various topics.   Note: There is limited space at each table and lunch table hosts are subject to change.

  • Table 01. Marcus Herrmann, Arizona State University. High fidelity simulations and modeling of liquid atomization.
  • Table 02. Joe Calantoni, Naval Research Laboratory. Calantoni leads an interdisciplinary team of more than a dozen scientists and engineers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory using numerical simulations, detailed laboratory experiments, and field observations to study sediment dynamics.
  • Table 03. Joseph Katz, Johns Hopkins University. Life/career as an experimentalist.
  • Table 04. James Riley, University of Washington. From MEMS flows, to turbulent reacting flows, to geophysical flows, to astrophysical flows: the flexibility of a career in fluid mechanics.
  • Table 05. Sutanu Sarkar, University of California San Diego. Turbulence in the environment.
  • Table 06. Jeff Eldredge, University of California Los Angeles. Theoretical and computational modeling of unsteady aerodynamic flows, biomedical flows, and bioinspired locomotion and things I wished I had known when I was a new assistant professor.
  • Table 07. Arezoo Ardekani, Purdue University. Complex fluids, biological flows, and particulate flows relevant to biomedical applications and environmental remediation
  • Table 08. Jonathan Freund, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Advanced flow simulation and analysis techniques: jet noise, blood cells, plasma-combustion.
  • Table 09. Julien Domaradzki, University of Southern California. Fundamental and applied research in turbulence.
  • Table 10. John Eaton, Stanford University. Particle turbulence interactions: understanding, experimental measurement techniques, and new simulations.
  • Table 11. Minami Yoda, Georgia Tech University. Interdisciplinary and crossdisciplinary fluid mechanics and applications.
  • Table 12. Karen Flack, United States Naval Academy. Establishing a research program at an undergraduate institution.
  • Table 13. Anya Jones, University of Maryland. Experiments and modeling in unsteady aerodynamics.
  • Table 14. Venkat Raman, University of Michigan. Large scale computations, uncertainty quantification, rare events in complex nonlinear systems, application to turbulence, combustion, hypersonic propulsion.